How to Find a Source With Reliable Freelance Writing Jobs

In a world where things that seem to good to be true usually are, freelance writing seems to fit into that frame of thought. It seems too good to be true that someone would pay you real money to just write. In reality, people really do pay good money for you to just write - especially if you can write well. Since no one wants to spend their precious time writing and not get paid for it, finding reliable freelance sources is the challenge.

  • Pick the Big Sites
  • There really are freelance sites that really do pay. Those sites are rather easy to find. When you conduct your search for a freelance writing site, look at the big ones. These are the sites that will appear at the top of the search you conduct. There are a handful of big sites and they pride themselves on taking care of their freelancers. Read review about the sites before you make up your mind, but the big freelancing sites are generally quite reliable.

  • How You Get Paid
  • Many people who are new to freelancing always wonder how they get their money from the sites. When you are hired by a freelancer, the site will hold your earnings in escrow until you complete the job. Once the job is complete, you simply request a release from the client, who then releases the money. Most client will release it rather quickly, within a few days, but if the client does not, the freelance site will release it after a certain amount of time. However, if you do the work without the client funding the escrow, you might lose out on your earnings. Once the money is released, you can request the freelance site to send a check to your home or transfer the payment to a bank account.

  • Be Sure Your Information is Secure
  • One easy way to tell if the site is secure is when you build a profile. If the site immediately requests your social security number, you can be suspect. Check out the URL and look for the "s" in the https part of the URL. The "s" means the site is secure. You should know that if you do decide to work and you get paid, you will most likely have to give your social security number so you can receive the proper tax forms each year. The client never sees your social security number on a secure site.

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