The Key To Landing Good Online Freelance Article Writing Jobs

These days, thanks to technological advances relating to the Internet, writers from all around the world can develop a career as a freelance writer. However, whilst almost anyone can do various writing jobs, there are various methods and strategies that you can use in order to ensure that you land good quality jobs that pay well.

Researching clients

Most people will develop a writing career by looking for jobs on freelance websites. These websites provide a fantastic marketplace for writers and clients to get together, thus making it incredibly easy for individuals to find writing opportunities. However, not all of the clients that use these websites are necessarily worth working for. For example, some clients may not be willing to pay what you think is an acceptable rate. Alternatively, there are other clients who post numerous jobs, but rarely award any of them. Therefore, these clients have the potential to be a complete waste of your time, if they aren’t going to award the job that they have posted.

In order to avoid wasting your time applying for jobs that aren’t worth doing or may never be awarded, it is a good idea to spend a couple of minutes researching the client before proceeding to bid on the job. For example, you want to look at their job history to try and identify how much they normally pay for any work that they receive, and how often they award jobs.

Bidding on jobs

Once you have identified a job that looks good and has been posted by a client that you think will be acceptable to work for, it will be time to place a bid. In order to place a bid, you will generally need to write a job proposal, as well as indicate how much you wish to be paid for the work.

One of the most important aspects of bidding on any jobs is writing a job proposal. In fact, many writers will miss out on plenty of opportunities because they write weak job proposals.

A good suggestion when it comes to writing job proposals is to ignore any achievements or qualifications that you may have, as these can be listed on your profile page. Instead, you should concentrate on the client that you are applying for a job with, and any requirements that they may have for the job that you are bidding on.

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