Main Kinds of Jobs for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, there is an array of jobs you can expect to find when the search is on. Picking the right one will depend on your talent and expertise. It’s advisable that you choose a niche area of writing and stick to it for at least a year so that you can gain experience and grow within that area. So, what categories of writing jobs are available online? Here are some of the main ones you will likely come across.

  • Creative writing
  • For the person who knows how to come up with a good plot and words that enthral readers, creative writing is a good option to go for. If you’re new to freelancing, you can start by writing young children’s books to begin with. Work yourself up to teenager’s short stories, and then all the way to full-on novels. There’s a huge demand for this type of writing if you have a creative flare.

  • Blogging
  • By far the most popular type of online freelance writing, blogging has taken the internet by storm. SEO consultants are always on the lookout for excellent, creative blog writers who can take a topic and expand on it. This is for the person who has a curious mind, and lots of flexibility in their writing.

  • How-to eBooks
  • Similar to blogging, eBooks are written on a much larger scale. They require lots of research and time, but writers often get paid good money for writing them. By the time you’re finished an eBook, you’ll be an expert on the subject, so pick your assignments carefully. There’s nothing worse than being stuck writing 80 pages on a subject you have no interest in.

  • Keyword articles
  • Usually referred to as SEO articles, these projects require a certain type of writer to complete them properly. Implementing a set of key phrases within your text without making it look obvious to the reader is not as easy as one would think. The more you practice this type of writing, the better you’ll become. Once you gain experience and start showing some good samples, you’ll be in high demand very soon.

  • Press releases
  • Thousands of companies and PR agencies hire freelance writers for the sole purpose of wording their press releases properly. Whether it’s for a new product, or a change within a corporation, press release writers are always in demand on every freelancing platform that’s out there.

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