Hunting for the Best Freelance Writer Jobs: How to be a Number 1 for Your Clients

When looking for the best freelance jobs, the best way to make find these jobs is to make you a competitive freelancer. The more competitive you and your work may be, the more likely you are to attain a freelance position. By being the best working possible, you will get the best jobs as a result. Some ways you can insure you are the number one freelancer for your clients include: strong portfolio, clear communications, and diligent work.

  • Strong Portfolio
  • When you first begin your work as a freelancer, you may have a meager portfolio. Keeping your portfolio updated with new jobs and the new work you are producing will help you to get better jobs. Your client wants to know that you suit his or her freelance needs, and demonstrating your skills through writing samples is one of the best ways to show your qualifications. Show your skills and deliver on what you promise to clients.

  • Clear Communications
  • Clear communications are also very important in order to be number one for your clients. Prior to beginning a project it is important to speak with your client to make sure you have the correct vision for the project. Once you have a proper idea of what is expected, you will be able to move forward with your work. Keeping your client updated on the progress of your work is a much appreciated throughout the process too. These status updates and close communications can make the difference between a hard working freelancer and a mediocre freelancer.

  • Diligent Work
  • In addition to providing a strong portfolio with examples of your work and maintaining a clear line of communication with your client, you will also want to generally be a diligent worker. Clients can hire any freelancer for the job, so what makes you different? Why are you more qualified or passionate to complete the job? You want to dive into the work and commit yourself to seeing through the projects success. Also, open availability for edits, questions, and concerns about the project can give you a leg up too.

By applying these three rules of being a freelancer and striving to the best you can—you will be able to find the best work possible for you. Build a strong portfolio, keep clear communications and strive to work diligently for the best results.

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