How To Be A Good Freelance Writer: List Of Suggestions

Becoming a freelance writer can be a freeing change in your life.

  1. Get to know your tax laws. While becoming a freelance writer brings with it a great deal of freedom one of the things you don’t want to overlook is tax laws in your area. Make sure you know what being a freelance writer will do to your tax status. The last thing you want is for tax season to roll around and you learn that you went over a limit by a few hundred dollars or you owe thousands now because you failed to submit one piece of paper. On a related note it is important that you know what banking system you are using. If you get your payments through a third party system online you should know when and if you are going to be double taxed. One big issue with freelance work is that the legal tax code and banking systems have not caught up with the times. So if you get payments for a lot of your jobs deposited into a third party account and then transfer it into your checking account you might run the risk of being double taxed on the same money if you are not careful. Some accountants can help you avoid this but not many all because the tax laws have not yet caught up with freelance work and the internet age and are trying desperately to do so. Save yourself the headache by getting to know the rules for any banking system you are using and the taxes in your area.

  2. Get to know what prices are feasible. Look at what other writers are charging online for different types of work. Compare that to their experience and expertise so that you have some feel for what you should be charging. You don’t want to go into the freelance world without any idea what is a “good” wage and then end up writing code for a new website at only ten bucks an hour. Know what is “average” and compare it to your skills.

  3. Figure out which sites you should use. There are many websites today that act as a third party site or platform from which you can find many job offers for short term and long term work. If you want something that you can complete over the weekend look for short term jobs.

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