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It can be difficult for freelancers to find the best academic writing jobs. Difficult because there are so many of them, they fairy in quality, fee being paid and time commitment required and because there is simply so much competition. If you want to find the best academic writing jobs you need to know where to look. And having found the right places to look you need to know the secret of successful job applications.

Finding them is not so difficult. There any number of companies which have set up a website allowing people wanting academic writers to advertise their requirements. All that is required for a freelancer is to join this particular website and then make application for one or more of the best academic writing jobs. So the first part of the equation is that you must know where to find the work. Any number of writing blogs will point you to the best websites that operate in this area and a simple search engine search will provide you with the relevant companies. An ideal group of words would be academic writing jobs for freelance writers.

Academic writing jobs are not all the same

Now here, as a freelancer, you need to be sure about a number of things.

  • What is your expertise?
  • How good are your research skills?
  • Do you have a portfolio of work?
  • What rate of payment with you accept?

If you have a particular area of expertise, then look for work in that particular area. If there is some subjects about which you have a great deal of knowledge, then advertise this fact in your portfolio and description of your talents.

There may well be academic writing jobs on topics about which you know little or nothing. Provided you are an excellent freelance writer, when you throw in your ability to research any topic, you can suddenly deal your self into that particular job. Know how skilled you are at conducting research. If you need to improve your skills, do so.

You must have a portfolio of work before you apply for any academic writing jobs. This enables the would be employer to inspect your history. Build up a variety of articles, blogs and papers which you have written in the field of academic writing. This is your CV. This is what will be considered were you to attend a personal interview. Let your portfolio boost your chances of success.

And finally you need to understand the rate of payment you are willing to accept. There are some jobs which will not meet your requirements and you need to decide whether or not you wish to apply for such jobs. Everything depends on your needs and your willingness to get involved in the world of freelance writing

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