Becoming A Good Freelance Writer: Rules You Should Follow

When you are trying to become a good freelance writer, there is a thin line between it being easy and hard.  It is easy if you know what you are doing but can be hard to find a job.  Most freelance writers start out with jobs that pay little but this gives them the opportunity to build their portfolio and get better jobs.  This can be frustrating and that is why most freelance writers don’t quit their day jobs right away when they first start out.

There are some mistakes that freelance writers make when they first start out.  These mistakes might seem like something minor but some of these mistakes can prevent you from landing a job.  All these mistakes are totally fixable and can help you land a good paying writers job.

Rules You Should Follow

  • Before you even start to look for jobs, you need to prepare yourself as a writer.  First of all you need to be a good writer and have the knowledge of what makes a good writer.  Don’t be afraid to brush up on what it takes to be a good writer because this will help you become a better writer.  Also knowing what your expertise is on writing different subjects, this will narrow you search for jobs but also be open minded to different jobs as well.

  • When you are looking for job, most people want to see samples and you have to know how to write a great pitch.  The pitch and the samples are the first things that potential clients see about you, so you want to make sure they are both quality work.  Another thing that freelance writers skimp on is not having their own website.  Wordpress lets you build your own website for free and the format is easy to use.  Here you will create a site about you with samples and a blog that showcases you abilities.

  • Start to build your freelance writing business by learning how to negotiate, you can send all samples out and pitches but if you don’t know how to negotiate prices and workload then you won’t be very successful.  Learn how to write fast, if you are charging so much an hour, your client is going to get the most for their buck and writing fast can help you keep clients and acquire more.  Follow instructions and write your best work.  This sounds simple but if you don’t follow the instructions and do subpar work, then the client might not hire you back.

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