How to Become a Good Freelance Writer

To become a good freelance writer. One needs to be good at what they do. That statement is more than just writing, but in all areas, because writing is more than just spelling and grammar. A good writer, has to be a good researcher as well. They have to be good at putting words together to fit the client’s needs, not just what they want. Here it will be shown some very important issues that a freelance writer needs to think about.

  1. The Basics
  2. Specialization
  3. Construction
  4. Creativity
  • The Basics
  • Yes, the basics are important. Spelling and grammar are the foundation of writing, and they have to be used properly. Sentence structure is another issue a freelance writer has to understand. Just as much as paragraph structure. If someone cannot read the work, it is no good, and the freelancer will not be paid for it.

  • Specialization
  • This is a key area. Where the freelancer is best at, and the most knowledgeable, is their specialization. Some are better script writers, and some are better essayist, and some are better marketers, and there are more specialities. Each writer has to learn where they are best at, and target that area. Very Writer has other areas they are good at as well, and many have more than one speciality. The freelancer needs to focus on their speciality, but take other jobs they are good at too.

  • Construction
  • Construction, is the development of the work for the customer. The customer will let the writer know what they are looking for, and need. They are not looking for what the writer needs, but what they themselves need. It is the freelancer’s job to develop (construct) the work as the client needs. Sometimes that is doing exactly what they say, sometimes that is seeing a bigger picture and filling it. But everything starts with listening to the client, and understanding them. Asking key questions, and making important requests.

  • Creativity
  • If it was just about the writing, anyone could do it. It is also about being creative, and seeing what is not there, but needed. But the main part is designing a work that steps outside the realm of the others. It is not using fancy, expensive words. But working in a way others do not, to give the same results that make people want to read your work, over someone else’s. When this happens, other people want to deal with that client over another vendor, or business, because the article got their attention.

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