Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Help Me Find A Well-Paying Position

There is no method to finding a well paying position as a freelance writer but it does take work and time to land that high paying job.  You will have to start small and work your way up just like any other company.  Some people get luck and get a well paying job pretty fast but don’t expect that.

Where To Start

  • The first place you can start is freelance websites, there are tons out there but you want to make sure that you choose a good one.  Do your research before you sign up for it.  Here you will bid on jobs that you’re interested in and if the person posting it likes you, you will get the job.
  • You could try a job website, like CareerBuilder, Monster, or Indeed to search for freelance jobs.   There probably won’t be a great selection but it is worth a try.
  • You could just do a general search in Google as well to find jobs.  This will give a wider results but I don’t know if they will be any good.

How To Get A High Paying Freelance Writing Job

  • You will have to start out doing low paying assignments before you will be able to prove yourself to get better paying ones.  Doing these jobs well can lead to a promotion or pay raise depending on the company.
  • Always give your all in every writing assignment that you complete.  Putting your best work out there will increase your chances of higher pay.
  • Network on your LinkedIn and other forms of social media with other freelance writers.  You never know when you might meet someone that has a job opening for a higher paying job.
  • Do research on other freelance writers and find out where they work and try to get in where they are working.  Research is a great way to find jobs that might not be posted on other sites.

Like I said there is no way magic formula that will land you a high paying job but it does take work.  This means you never miss a deadline, always write your best work, and work late and weekends to get ahead.  If you want to get paid more you have do more and that is all you can do.  And when you are doing those lower paying jobs they are giving you experience for other jobs that pay more, so what I’m trying to say is put in the work and time and one day you too will have a high paying freelance job.  

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