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The market of freelance writing has grown drastically in the past decade and offers great promise to grow its market in industries in future. The demand for writing is significantly high today and it has made writing a popular service. If as a writer, you observe that your freelance gigs don’t pay you enough.

Choose projects by following the below mentioned tips:

  • Contact companies directly
  • Any business which has a domain name and requires content can be contacted by you to offer your writing services to their websites and online media, at a price higher than market price

  • Indulge in cold calling
  • Send emails or make calls to clients and business that require your writing services. 10% of people you approach will reply to your request or proposal.

  • Contact local business
  • Contact the small fish first and bag the contract for writing for the smaller firms and then later try for bigger firms.

  • Expand your network
  • Never let go of your professional network as it can be a great resource for big content writing gigs

  • Place your bid carefully
  • In websites where proposal is required by way of bidding procedures, make an honest assessment of your skills and experience before placing your bid. Bidding must be competitive in order to bag projects.

  • Write a good proposal
  • While contacting companies for writing jobs, make sure your proposal holds great value by elucidating your strength as a writer and marking your competitive advantage over other proposals by fellow writers.

  • Provide high quality content as sample
  • The employer doesn’t want to hear your own laurels of your achievements but rather expects your work to speak about you. So the sample that you provide to your prospective employer must be perfectly written and presented with relevant topic, free of plagiarism, as the sample is the basis on which your skills are assessed by employer. In case they ask you to write a sample on a topic provided by then, then make your writing relevant to the topic and format as per your requirement

  • Maintain contacts with writers
  • In order to be in the loop of current developments and trends in writing and availing new opportunity, maintain good contact with your older clients as they may help you in finding new contacts and guide to access new opportunities in writing.


Thus in order to grab well paid writing job opportunity you must consistently direct your efforts to gain credentials for your writing assignments by way of building on your pursuit for achieving excellence in the writing domain.

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