How to become a freelance writer in 1 day

Becoming a freelance writer in 1 day is not difficult. It starts with:

  1. Finding the right websites. There are many freelance writing sites out there that can connect you to clients and you need to find the one that works best for you. Some are designed for advanced writers and others are designed for remedial writers who are in need of content to display in their portfolio.

  2. Sign up with that website and create a membership profile. Some of the freelance writing websites are free and others have upgraded membership options. The websites for beginners have no real limit and do not charge you to bid on a job. The more advanced sites will charge you after the first ten jobs you bid on. This is not to say that you can complete ten writing jobs. You can bid on ten jobs and hope that you are selected. The limit is ten per month unless you opt for a membership. Most of the individual-based memberships are reasonably priced and with the basic membership you can enjoy a handful of other benefits.

  3. You then need to upload a photo (if required) and submit your financial information.

  4. Once that is done you can confirm your identity using whatever method they require and complete your profile and financial information once and for all.

One of the nice things about working with a third party freelance site is the opportunity to create and build a profile and portfolio. This can be used with any new clients you have as an example of your skill set. Some third party freelance websites even let you test in certain skills related to your category or field and display the results. You can test your:

  • academic writing abilities
  • article writing abilities
  • grammar and spelling abilities
  • blogging abilities
  • business writing abilities
  • copywriting abilities
  • creative writing abilities
  • eBooks abilities
  • editing abilities
  • copy editing abilities
  • English grammar abilities
  • English language abilities

In every category there is a range of tests that you can use to showcase your skills and increase your chances of being hired for the writing job of your choosing. Studies indicate that clients will be more inclined to hire a freelance writer if they have a portfolio online and skills that they have tested and displayed.

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