How do you become a freelance writer easily

Becoming a freelance writer is easier than most people think. In the past, freelance writers would write pieces and try to sell them to magazines, newspapers, and journals. Now, freelance writing has changed. With the advent of online freelancing websites, writers are able to connect to clients who hire the writers and provide the topics. This means that today’s freelance writers do not have to spend time trying to sell their articles and stories, because clients are already purchasing their services.

  • Create an Account

  • In order to become a freelance writer, you have to first create accounts on the freelancing websites. You should not have to pay to sign up for any of the freelancing websites. Once you have created an account, you will need to build your profile. This is your online resume that clients can look at to determine whether or not to hire you. As a freelance writer, you should post your education, experience, and favorite sample pieces. You should also be sure that your profile reflects your ability and is free of grammar, spelling, and mechanical errors. If you post a picture, post one that reflects your personality and style as a writer.

  • Learn about the Site

  • Once you have built a profile, the next step is to learn how the site works. Many sites will have skills tests or other activities you can complete to learn about the site and show your skills. These skills tests can be helpful if you do not have a large resume full of experience. Be sure that you only show the skills test results that show your ability positively; leave the low scores off of your profile.

  • Look for Jobs and Write Proposals

  • After you have learned about the website, you can then begin searching the available jobs. Most freelance websites will have job opportunities organized by category, pay scales, and specialties. As a new freelancer, you should not expect to get the highest paying jobs right away because you have not proven yourself. If you find a job that looks good, you will need to complete a proposal, which is your opportunity to show the client why you are the writer who should be chosen. You will write about yourself and your skills. You will also need to include what you would like to be paid for the services. Clients can be hesitant to hire new freelancers, so if you want to be hired, you should bid at the low end of the scale. When you complete the proposal, be polite and show that you actually read the job description. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the proposal.

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