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Freelance writing and good pay do not often go hand in hand. The majority of freelance writing positions pay per word and many of them pay less than .01 per word. With the low pay, it is difficult for freelance writers to make a decent living. Despite the poor numbers, there are jobs available that do pay better than the average. The trick is learning how to find them. Unfortunately for the newest freelance writers, it is not easy to get those jobs without a good reputation.

  • Actually Read the Description
  • When you apply for a freelance writing job, you usually need to complete an application or a proposal. The clients will post a job that includes all the necessary details about the position. Writers then need to craft a proposal that outlines the steps they will take to get that job done on time and effectively. From the look of many job descriptions, freelance writers are using canned proposals. It looks like most clients do not like the canned proposals, so if you want to get a job that pays well, you should be sure to write a proposal that is geared specifically for the job you want.

  • Include Details from the Description in the Proposal
  • Most freelancers do not include details about the job description, so clients have no idea if those writers have even read the description. You should always include details from the description in the job so the client knows that you actually read it and understood the description. By showing that you pay attention to details, you will come closer to being awarded those top paying jobs.

  • Craft an Exceptional Portfolio
  • Freelancers should also have an exceptional portfolio. Clients actually look at the prospective freelancers’ portfolios because they want to see their writing styles. If your portfolio examples have errors or lack variety, you might be overlooked for someone with better examples. Be sure you are choosing your best work and a variety of different types of work, too.

  • Seek and You Will Find
  • Earning the top paying jobs does take time (and a little luck). Since there are so many jobs being posted all day, you really do have to look for the jobs and send in a proposal quickly. In some cases, if you blink, you might miss the opportunity. Once you find a top paying job, it is vital that you take good care of that client and get your work done on time. You should begin to see repeat work, soon.

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