Freelance Home Writers: Working in Your Comfort Zone

Freelance writing is an excellent job to have if you want to rid yourself of corporate work, managers or simply want to work at home for one reason or another. Freelancing is one of the most financially lucrative jobs one can do at home, given the right motivation, planning and networking. Here are a few reasons why working in your comfort zone makes freelance home writing ideal for so many people:

  • You can earn more money.
  • Freelancing gives you the opportunity to charge exactly for the work that you will be doing. A lot of the costs that are levied on a salary or hourly job disappear since you don’t have to account for any of the overhead that a regular job demands. Clients save money because they don’t have to hire someone full time and pay any benefits. It’s a win-win for both parties.

  • You are your own boss.
  • Being a freelance writer working at home means you won’t have to worry about being five or ten or fifteen minutes late to the office. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about someone standing over your shoulder while you work. So if you want to keep the radio on, have the television on, check your social media, or watch funny animal videos you can. Just be sure that you are still able to complete the work you sought out to complete that day.

  • You can work on as many or as little projects as you want.
  • As a freelancer you set your own schedule. And you can decide to load your plate with a lot of work or take some time off for yourself anytime throughout the work and year as you see fit. You can work on several projects at once or focus on one. Plan your schedule and workload and you’ll find that you can be receiving income flow from a number of sources throughout the week.

  • You actually work harder and reap more benefits.
  • In freelancing, you are likely to experience a moral boost that encourages you to work harder throughout the week because you know that you that the more work you complete the more money you will earn. As a salaried worker, your income isn’t determined by how hard you work and because of this your motivation to work will decline. Contrarily, if you are a freelance writer you will get paid as soon as your work is done or as soon as you complete a milestone in longer projects. And if your work is of high-quality the greater the chances clients will keep hiring your services and the easier it will be to get more work.

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