What You Should Know About Part Time Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding work online is easier than people might think, but it does come with its own set of challenges. One of the more interesting ways to get work online is through freelance writing. Here are some things to consider.

  • Typing Speed

  • If the job seeker’s typing speed isn’t up to snuff, it’s something they should work on first. Many freelance writing opportunities are only financially worthwhile if the worker can churn out material quickly. Of course, the person looking for a job might be looking for something more glamorous, but everyone has to start somewhere. There are plenty of programs available online, for free, which can help improve one’s typing.

  • Rates Vary

  • Rates for freelance writing vary immensely. Some work may be one cent a word; other work may be a dollar a word. It depends entirely on the client, the project, and what the going rate is in the client’s country. After all, when you work online you’re likely to have clients from all over the world, so it’s vital to take into account the fact that different economic points of view will be presented.

  • It’s Not Just Writing

  • When considering what to bid on a new project, it’s important to take into account that writing isn’t the only thing the writer will need to do. Some projects require research; some require the use of specialized software (like publishing software). Others may require that the writer edit extensively. Take into account all of the things that the project will require of you before determining how much to bid. One project that’s ten pages might take a day, while another of the same length might take a week.

  • Getting Paid

  • As with any job, the writer will be working for pay. The method of being paid will vary according to the contracts the writer makes with their clients. They should keep in mind that few clients will be interested in paying 100% up front, but that it’s also not uncommon for a writer to do work that isn’t paid for by disreputable clients. One solution for this is to use a freelance website with escrow as a go between. Another is to require a deposit for a portion of the full price before beginning work. And writers should never take on large scale projects without setting up payment milestones, for safety.

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