Online Content Writing Jobs: What You Should Know To Become A Content Writer

If you want to enjoy better freedom and a more flexible work schedule then you should consider becoming a content writer online.

What should you know to become a content writer?

You should know what your skills are. You need to know where you thrive. You should figure out what your passion is and what you enjoy writing the most. Learn whatever you can as you work in order to better your skills.

The next thing you should know is what a writer does. So what does a content writer actually do?

A content writer can mean many things.

  • A content writer might write website content such as the home page or “about us” material
  • A content writer might write the blog for a company and keep the content current by posting something new each week
  • A content writer might provide bulk articles each month for a company to post on general article directories
  • A content writer might provide ebooks for a new company
  • A content writer might create press releases whenever necessary
  • A content writer could be tasked with putting together new curriculum for an educational company
  • A content writer could be tasked with cultivating question banks for an online testing community
  • A content writer might be asked to transcribe information or translate articles
  • A content writer may need to produce a newsletter to be sent out monthly
  • A content writer might revise a price list for a company
  • A content writer could be asked to create a business plan or write a marketing plan

The list can really go on and on. Different clients/companies ask for different things. That being said it is important to know how much you are going to charge. Of course this should be combined with the standard rates that people are charging versus how much your skill set is worth. If you can type excessively fast you may be able to charge a bit less for article content because you can type quickly and therefore you can do more work in a shorter amount of time.

You might want to set rates per 100 words for content and then additional hourly wages for things that may be odds and ends or things that do not fit under the standard word count.

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