10 Basic Points You Should Know About Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be a joy for those who have an affinity for writing, yet dislike the schedule and monotony of the average nine-to-five job. Although this career can offer many freedoms, there are some things that you should know before embarking into such a bold career choice. The following article will provide you with the ten basic points that you should know about this career.

  1. Experience counts. There are many types of gigs, but making big money will require that you have sufficient experience; which leads me to the next point.
  2. Write every chance you can. Even if you aren’t getting paid, get your work out there and write. There are professional social networking sites that allow anyone to post articles. Do it. You need experience.
  3. Network. The way you get more work is to meet more people. Join more online forums with people like yourself and get to know where the paid gigs are.
  4. Find your style. Not everyone is meant to be a technical writer or grant writer. Find the media that suites you best (i.e. blogs, proposals, etc.).
  5. Find your interest area. Do you like writing books on diet and exercise? There are people willing to pay people to write e-books on diet and exercise and a myriad of other topics. Write about what interests you.
  6. Magazines. Identify which magazine have the type of articles that you would like to write and offer to submit articles free of charge so they can test drive your writing before they buy.
  7. Book reviews. Book reviewing and product reviewing can help you gain exposure as a writer and reviewer, leading to higher and higher paid opportunities. Again, review for free so that you can become known for your reviews.
  8. Be accountable. When you take an assignment, keep your commitments and complete your work on time. Unresponsive freelancers that frequently miss deadlines aren’t offered future work.
  9. Quality counts. It’s not just quantity, as in word count, that matters, but the quality of the material you provide. Always provide quality work.
  10. Check, check, and check again. The final tip is to make sure that you have double and triple checked your work before submitting. Many people will deduct mistakes in your work from your final pay.

The most important tip about freelancing is a freebie; know your limits and never bite off more than you can chew. By being real with what you can and cannot do, you will relieve stress on you and the person assigning the work. I hope these tips help you in your pursuit of a career as a writer.

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