A Freelance Writer Portfolio: How To Make It Right

One great tool that every freelance writer should have is a portfolio. A portfolio is designed to showcase your talent. It should give your clients an idea of how you write. It is a display of your talent and should showcase your best pieces of work. Having a portfolio is a great way to get good clients to work with you. Freelance work is not always easy because there is no guarantee that you will have work every day or every week. You can’t be assured that you will make enough that month to pay your bills or to put food on the table.

Because freelance writing can be so sporadic, it is essential to draw in good clients consistently. A portfolio would help you do that. That is because it is designed to show your client how you format your papers, how you are able to make a paper flow, and that you know how to spell. There are a few things that should be considered when you are setting up your portfolio.

  1. Be sure to include many different types of work
  2. You would not want to include only one type of paper. If you have written a lot of blog type papers, you will want to include one of your best ones in your portfolio but then add other types as well. Add in an academic paper, a product review, and a research paper. The more variety of papers that you have in your portfolio the better.

  3. Include a biography
  4. Your portfolio should include a paper about yourself. This adds a personalized touch to your portfolio. It will allow your reader to see you as a person and give them an idea of who you are. When the client feels like they know you, they will be more open to trusting you and giving you the job.

  5. Organize your work
  6. One great way to organize your portfolio is to number it and create a table of contents. This allows the client to skip right to the article type that suits their job the best. If they can easily access the type of essay that they want you to write, it makes it easier for them and it makes them more likely to hire you.

Creating a portfolio is a great tool if it is used correctly. Follow these tips and you are sure to boost your clientele.

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