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When you make your first steps as a freelance writer, finding jobs may be rather difficult as you don’t have many connections and your reputation is nonexistent at this point. However, there are some sources where everyone can find a few good orders, regardless of your level of experience and skill.

The sources you should check out are:

  • Specialized websites for freelancers.
  • Here you can find all kinds of orders from hundreds of clients that need very different services, so you will be able to find some very interesting jobs here. You will also get a chance to try yourself in different roles. This is especially important for the writers who just begin their careers as this way, they get an opportunity to determine what works best for them personally. When you understand where your strongest points are, you will be able to build a more successful writing career.

    The problem with these sources is that as they are so very popular, the competition is extreme, so you will literally have to fight for the best jobs. The payment is also low, as there are too many writers available.

  • Content mills.
  • These are the websites that can be a good starting platform when you still have no portfolio and need to get some orders just to practice.

    They aren’t any good career-wise as you won’t be able to make much money from these orders. You need to leave the mills behind and search for jobs in the more specialized areas if you want to make your living by writing.

  • Specialized job boards for bloggers.
  • You might be able to make some money from the jobs you find through them if you are really good at blogging and want to specialize in this area. Working on these orders will be great practice if you want to establish a blog of your own.

  • Professional websites and blogs.
  • If you specialize in some particular area, you should check the sources relevant to this field for some content writing offers. Many companies don’t bother with generalized websites and only seek professional services through their niche resources.

    Please note that you will need to have some experience and an impressive portfolio to get this kind of jobs. However, they usually pay more and can get you regular orders, so the effort in preparing your pitch and portfolio will not be wasted.

Please remember that even the most popular websites do not guarantee the quality of all the leads you find there. This means that you should check out your potential employer personally to make sure that the company or person who wants to hire you is indeed reliable.

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