How to find a reliable freelance writing job: checking the agency

Writing opportunities continue to rise as more companies and organizations large and small seek qualified writers. This means finding writing jobs you want may become more competitive. You can use websites that offer writing job leads to help you. But, you may have questions or concerns about how legitimate the agency is and what kind of luck freelancers are getting with their job hunt. This is where checking the agency is highly important. There are a few things freelance writers need to remember when considering writing jobs offered through such sites.

  • Learn Background History of the Agency
  • If you are not familiar with the agency, website or writing jobs offered, you should take your time getting to know them better. Explore the website and review types of jobs. Learn how to apply for the jobs and types of clients seeking assistance of freelancers. How will you get paid for the work? Are there fees involved and do you feel you will find enough work to keep you busy? If you are curious about the agency and their claims now is the time to ask questions. Who can you contact with the agency to learn more about them?

  • Learn What to Avoid Including Warning Signs and Red Flags
  • There are sites that offer legit opportunities and then there are agencies out to scam writers. You do not want to fail prey to agencies that claim to offer job leads for a fee. Some sites may want you to do jobs without a contract or claim to pay you later if you complete the work first. You need to distinguish legit agencies from scams. Some may require you to pay a membership fee if you want to advertise your skills. This can be okay as long as the return is worth your investment.

  • Get Recommendations from Other Freelance Writers
  • Learning from comrades about possible agencies can help you learn compatible options. You can check with other freelancers about any agency you come across during your research. You may learn if they have gotten jobs from there and their experience. Look for agencies that offer a variety of jobs in different fields and interests. You want an agency that has good feedback from writers that use their services to help find work. This will increase the likelihood of getting connect with a reliable client that will use your services now and in the future.

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