What Skills Should A Good Freelance Writer Posses

Becoming a freelance writer is a great way to make money on the side. It can also be a lucrative career if you are willing to nourish it and put in the time and skills required. So what skills are necessary to become a freelance writer? What skills can help you turn your writing into something lucrative?

  • Skill 1: You need to have patience. Making money online with freelance writing will not amount to thousands of dollars over night. If you are a beginner you need to understand that these things take time. Without any web presence or any history of writing you may be overlooked for a lot of jobs. It is the same as when you first applied for a job in high school and needed experience in order to get a better job but couldn’t get any job because you lacked experience. While babysitting and mowing lawns was sufficient in high school the modern freelance equivalent may be writing a few pieces for next to nothing in order to get the feedback you need to succeed. It is important to remain patient as you are constantly overlooked or you complete that crucial first job but they fail to give you the feedback you need. Eventually it will work out so long as you are patient and keep at it.

  • Skill 2: In addition to patience you need perseverance. This is a requirement. This skill will get you through some of the more difficult times. Perseverance will ensure you keep working a few extra hours to get a project done on time. Perseverance will ensure you keep bidding and don’t lose confidence in yourself and your abilities when people turn to other freelancers.

  • Skill 3: You need to have the confidence to put yourself out there. Using certain third party sites for freelancing can be awkward and uncomfortable the first few times. Because you have to bid on each project you really have to have the confidence the sell yourself time and time again. You have to tell every potential client why you are the best out there. For most people who have some modicum of modesty this can seem quite odd and uncomfortable. But it is merely part of the business. Doing it will not come off as arrogant as you might fear because you are competing with other writers who are doing and saying some of the exact same things.

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